Sabrina Deep is Now Accepting Calls

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Let no one say Sabrina Deep is not interested in staying close with her fans. With one eye fixated on establishing an ever deeper connection with the masses and the other on the cool publicity such a gesture is sure to generate, Deep has decided to make her personal telephone number available to the general public.

"This was planned since the beginning of my career, but first I had to fight the common and yet wrong idea that making the fans part of the action labels you as an amateur," Deep said. "Now that many performers and producers are slowly understanding that the future of a content-inflated industry resides in giving the general public more options to interact with their favorite stars, I have decided to raise the bar and to treat my fans as I would my friends."

There is a catch, of course, but it's a reasonable one. Only members of get Deep's private number, which is a regular landline that can be called at standard rates and which forwards to Sabrina's cell, allowing her to answer the call from any location.

Deep says she will continue performing with professional actors, but wants the announcement to underscore her desire to give fans an increasingly interactive role in her career.

"I have always answered every email and every message personally and have met thousands of fans whom I have performed with," she said, "but there is no stronger way to show your dedication to the fans than giving them your personal phone number."