S&S Entertainment to Distribute TNB Productions

TUSTIN, Calif. - Fledgling distributor S&S Entertainment has signed a three-year deal with Ohio-based TNB Productions for the handling of its cable, mobile and, eventually, DVD content.

S&S head Shaul Saulisbury explained to AVN, "Our relationship with [TNB] is their first formal distribution agreement. They've been around for about a year.

"We have a three-part marketing strategy," Saulisbury went on. "First, we want to do cable. Secondly, we want to do the mobile. And third is the DVD, if it goes well. I'd like to see what happens with the mobile market and the cable market first."

The first title due out is Welcome to the Neighborhood, to be followed by Welcome 2 Da Hood and Welcome to China Town. The primary focus of these offerings is POV oral.

For more information on S&S Entertainment and TNB Productions, contact Shaul Saulisbury at (714) 683-6113 or [email protected].