Ryder Skye Cast in 'Porky's' Sequel

LOS ANGELES — AVN Best New Starlet nominee Ryder Skye has landed a principal role in a new sequel to Bob Clark's 1980s teen sex comedy Porky's.

Clark's raunchy, nostalgic feature about horny Florida high school buddies and their run-ins with the redneck owner of a back-woods whorehouse was a surprise hit for 20th Century-Fox in 1982. Porky's was followed by two sequels, Porky's II: The Next Day and Porky's Revenge, and influenced an entire genre of gross-out T & A movies.

Howard Stern announced his intention to remake Porky's in 2006. The Internet Movie Database indicates that Howard Stern's Porky's is still in development with no less than six writers attached to the screenplay.

According to Skye's publicist Wayne Hentai, the sequel featuring Skye is titled The College Years and will be directed by Aussie filmmaker Brian Trenchard-Smith (Escape 2000, Stunt Rock).

Skye previously grabbed cameos in last summer's big-screen version of Sex in the City and the Showtime series "Dexter".