Rumors of Ed Powers' Death Exaggerated

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. - A few retailers have noticed that Ed Powers, the man who made "Debutantes" a household word, hasn't released anything of late ... and a couple have even inquired whether he was dead.

Happily, he isn't, and sent the following statement:

"Since I started my trek back in late 1988 with the shootings of the legendary video series Bus Stop Tales, and then Dirty Debutantes in 1990, I really never took a break. I've always been shooting, no matter where I was and where I traveled. Thousands of women later, I am still the same, still having a great time."

"My health is great, except for the aging and a big body that needs to be whipped into shape. Sales are still great even though I haven't released anything new in months. My friends over at New Machine are doing well too, so between them and I, the legend lives with the early days and up to the most recent DVDs which you can get from the California office through our favorite distributors. The best of the best agents are awaiting my return and the talent pool is growing too.

"I am doing extremely well with VOD through AEBN, and I believe the wave of the future is here, but I also believe VOD can coexist with DVD distribution as well."

"My site at is doing well, too. I am having a great time seeing family, seeing friends and building my life into a more dynamic scenario. My company is more fine-tuned now, and with the talented and caring help and assistance of Kenia, the other half of Powers Enterprise, we and the company feel confident that we will be around for a long, long time."

"I've gotten to learn my business better and through looking into things have gotten a greater picture of what has happened inside and out with my business. Kenia and I are now in full control. My fans are great and patiently awaiting something new. I can't say when something new will hit the streets, but that day will come again. I have tried some new things but wasn't happy with the outcome so now I am concentrating on the break. A better Ed will come your way in due time."

"So, if you've heard anything weird in the rumor mill, it isn't true. LOL. I am happy, grateful to my fans, distributors, New Machine, stores and AEBN and foreign countries for showing their support of my work. I wish my love to everyone."

"Ciao for now. I shall return....."