‘Rubber Bordello’ Takes New Approach to Fetish Films

LOS ANGELES—Soma Snakeoil has known for some time she wanted to make a different type of fetish movie. She just had no idea that she would be hot on the heels of a Hollywood hit when her dream finally came to fruition.

“I guess this was really years in the making,” Soma told AVN before the premiere screening of the movie this month. “I have wanted to do a black and white erotic film since I was 19, and my desire was to do a silent fetish film. It just seems funny top me that we finally got it made and ready for release at the same time The Artist came out.”

The Artist is a modern silent film set in 1927 Hollywood that tells the story of silent movie star George Valentin, who wonders if the arrival of talking pictures will cause him to fade into oblivion. Rubber Bordello is … well, it’s a silent film of another sort.

Based in the early 1900s, Rubber Bordello offers a peek into a day in the life of a fetishistic cat house in a fictional area in New Orleans. It is a fun, quirky, unique erotic film that combines old world charm with sleek modern fetish play.

Rubber Bordello stars Soma Snakeoil, Nikki Nefarious, Sparky Sinclaire, Rubber Necro, Deviant Kade and Master Feenix. It also features an original ragtime soundtrack from Fat Mike of NOFX.

Written and directed by Soma Snakeoil, Rubber Bordello is a sepia toned, fetish film in the classic style of old Hollywood silent movies. It seamlessly blends the glamour and humor of a bygone era with rubber clad, tattooed actors indulging in hardcore BDSM play and fetishized sex. Featuring talented fetish performers displaying the dramatic acting style of silent film to a shoe tickling soundtrack by Fat Mike, Rubber Bordello is different from any other adult movie.

“There must be a little revival of sorts going on for silent and black-and-white films,” Soma said. “Which isn’t surprising because it’s suck a beautiful format and a real lost art.”

Rubber Bordello marks Soma’s debut behind the camera as director, writer and producer.

“The idea I had was to mix modern sensibilities like latex and women with tattoos and inject them into a day in the life of a whorehouse based on those of the old Red Light District of New Orleans,” Soma said.

The modern elements blend well with the look and tone of the silent film, with plot points progressed through title cards and music, which was created by Fat Mike of NOFX.

“It was super fun to create the music for this,” he told AVN. “I am good friends with the horn player for Tom Waits and the piano player from Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, so I would play a few riffs on the guitar and they would pick up where we going with it and get the style we needed.

“I listened to a lot of Scott Joplin and the soundtrack from The Sting beforehand to get inspired,” he added with a laugh.

Nikki Nefarious, one of the stars of the movie, said she was happy to picked Rubber Bordello as her feature movie debut since it was something that was really different than what she was normally offered.

“I knew we couldn’t rely on the traditional sounds or a talking plot so Soma asked us to really overact,” she said. “It was an amazingly different experience and that’s what prompted me to choose this as my first feature. I was really nonplussed with a lot of things offered to me in the past but this was so artistic and creative I couldn’t pass.

“And plus, as a femme dom, I think the title cards popping up in the middle of the action is the perfect mid fuck,” she giggled.

For more information, visit RubberBordello.com.


Photo caption: The debut screening of Rubber Bordello took place earlier this month to a sold-out crowd.