RSS Feeds Now Available for All JoinRightNow Sites

JoinRightNow has introduced RSS feeds for all of its websites.

Affiliates no longer have to waste time browsing through all the JoinRightNow webmaster tools and content looking for new updates. Instead they can rely on the RSS feeds for new content.

“RSS is a way to get the latest JoinRightNow site updates without tediously having to go through the 24 sites one by one,” says Dugmor, owner of JoinRightNow. “The JoinRightNow RSS feed is a well-organized, chronological list of new uploads of all the JoinRightNow sites, with the latest uploads presented first. Each item on the list consists of a simple title, a description of the upload, and a link to the Web page containing the entire new set of pictures, videos, or blogs.”

Updates come complete with the proper affiliate ID code, so all sales precipitated by the feeds are properly credited to the JoinRightNow affiliate webmaster. JoinRightNow also hosts the content.

JoinRightNow has a unique feed for every site as well as one for the entire network of sites. Affiliates have the choice of which sites and feeds to monitor. To access JoinRightNow RSS feeds, affiliates need only have an RSS aggregator that maintains the RSS feeds on their websites.

To learn more and subscribe for RSS feeds, click here.