RSP WorldWide and Astral Group Inc Announce Joint Venture

RSP Worldwide has partnered with Astral Group in order to bring fresh business into RSP’s affiliate program.

RSP is putting new tours, content and price packages, and payment options into play that should result in increased conversions and revenues for affiliates.

“We are really excited about our renewed commitment to the webmasters in the industry,” says Moira Kelly, co-owner and marketing director of RSP. “Although we have never gone away, and we have always been converting well for our loyal webmasters, we felt that it was time to bring in new ideas to convert existing traffic, as well as to bring in new traffic sources.

“Astral Group brings over 10 years of industry experience from all aspects of the adult online business,” Kelly continues. “Michael Sperber’s expertise in all aspects of the e-commerce side of online adult will bring exciting new billing and payment options both to the surfer and the webmaster.”

Astral group is an e-commerce consulting company that utilizes a worldwide network of banks, processors, and payment solutions that offer solutions to fill the needs of e-commerce billing. Michael Sperber is the founding partner of Astral Group.