Roy Karch Fulfills A Dream with <i>Insertz</i>

HOLLYWOOD - Producer-director Roy Karch will realize a longstanding dream when his feature Insertz ships next Wednesday, September 12, from Sinsation Pictures.

It’s the second release from his newly formed Roy Karch Productions, and a project he’d been hoping to get off the ground for many years.

The mainstream movie Inserts, starring Richard Dreyfuss as a hotshot silent movie director who, with the advent of sound, turns to making stag films, came out in 1976. A failure at first, it has taken on the glow of a cult classic over the years.

When Karch saw it in 1977, after he had started shooting porno in Los Angeles, he was deeply affected and promised himself, “I have to do this movie.”

It took him a while, but when he decided to launch his production company this year he thought Insertz would be the perfect choice as the feature companion to his gonzo movie Milfology, released last month.

Karch’s very personal riff on the original, he says, “is like a 1930s take on the porn business now. It goes to the darker places that we go to when we’re involved in creating, especially when the creation is our own bodies, and our minds.”

To play the Dreyfuss role, Karch chose Voodoo. “I needed somebody who can act, first of all, because the plot is driven by that character, the ‘Boy Wonder.’ Voodoo has a look in his eye, he can go places where I needed him to go—a pause here, a look there. He was very good.”

Nicole Sheridan plays Miss Cake, “the wannabe porn actress who’s not quite sure,” and “ditzy blonde” Harlene (in the original a takeoff on Jean Harlow) is played by Aurora Snow. “They’re both really good,” Karch said.

Also in the cast are Paulina James (box cover), Mika Tan and Emily Evermore. “Emily is really good—because she’s pure. She likes the sex and is a nice girl… pretty good!

“And then we have Herschel Savage, who reprises the Bob Hoskins role, Big Mac. We have Jay Ashley in it, and Lee Stone playing Rex.”

The script, written by Karch, allowed him to explore the psychology involved in directing actors in sex movies.

“There’s a line in the movie when the Boy Wonder says to Miss Cake, ‘So let’s see the meat.’ She says, ‘Where’s the camera?” He says, “The camera, my darling, is in my pants and in my head. Now let’s see the meat.”

Karch pronounced himself pleased with the way the movie turned out and happy that his dream of so many years has finally been fulfilled.

Insertz, he said, “is about me doing a vision. It’s about me extending what I think of that movie and trying to put it on tape. It’s very close to the original. I think that’s good, I don’t know what other people will think.”

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Pictured: Voodoo in Insertz.