Roxy Jezel Parts Ways With Club Jenna

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Performer Roxy Jezel will work as a free agent after her two-year contract with Club Jenna expires August 1.

Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in human services, Jezel plans to retire from performing once she receives her degree in another two years. And until that time, she wants to take the opportunity to "sow my wild oats."

"I did nasty, dirty stuff for Club Jenna, though there was just one thing I did miss, and that was choking," Jezel told AVN. "So my first scene is going to be, 'Hey, dude, want to do some choking?' But I really did love being with Club Jenna, and my movies were super hot with them. But it's about time now that I've reached a point that I went as far as I could go with Club Jenna."

Jezel guaranteed her first four off-contract scenes to Brazzers.

"They're the number one internet company at the moment," she said. "And since I went under contract, I know there's a bunch of new companies out there, and so I'd love to go and work for all these new companies. And anyone that would like to book me should call Derek at LA Direct Models and hurry up, because I'm actually only shooting one scene a week for the foreseeable future. So whoever gets in there and books first is gonna have me!"

Jezel said her availability is limited due to her full-time schedule as a student working in the service field.

"I'm going to start working at Wonderland, the rehab in the Hollywood Hills, and it's something I'd love to pursue, because I've definitely come as far as I can come in the industry," she explained. "I am one of the 'A-list' porn stars, I have my own website, I've signed toy contract deals ... there's not much else I can do other than go into directing, and this is something else I'd like to pursue and then become the top of the career ladder that I can be in human services, as I've done with the porn industry."

Having long maintained a deep devotion to doing charitable work — most extensively for Schools on Wheels and Best Buddies — Jezel considers her greatest passion to be "helping other people and being of service to the world."

"I've definitely been of service to many men in this world, helping them to get stress relief by producing awesome dirty movies, and I've probably prevented a lot of stress buildup and clock tower shootings," she said. "But I think it's time for me to move on and help people in the world other than people that want to fuck and beat off."

Is she concerned the human service profession shunning her due to her porn past?

"No, that's the good thing about it, is that I do work with charities at the moment — I actually tutor a homeless kid over at the Salvation Army — and they know what I do, they had background checks done; it's not like I did anything criminal, so it doesn't affect my work," she said. "It's not like if I was trying to get into the mainstream acting business and I've got a scarlet letter on my head. They come from kind of a merit base, so for me, it definitely hasn't affected what I've done."

Once she finishes her schooling, Jezel said she wants to go into helping alcoholics and drug addicts.

"Ten years from now I see myself on the front porch of a house with a white picket fence with a little mini-me running around, and mama with a high-flying career as well as looking after the little bobbins," she said.

Club Jenna CEO Jay Grdina offered no comment on Roxy's departure from the company. For more Roxy Jezel, visit