Rough Sex 2 - The Video

Gene sez: Interestingly, Jewel Valmont called me Thursday afternoon on behalf of Anabolic and said despite rumors to the contrary she was not coerced into doing anything against her will and that she wanted to give an interview on the issue. Valmont was scheduled to come into AVN Friday. In preparation for what I know is going to be a raging debate, I got copies of Rough Sex 1 & 2 and started watching volume 2 [stars Kelsey Heart, Kianna Bradley, Caroline Pierce, Vivian Valentine and Amia More among others]. The lead off scene features Mickey G., Jon Dough and Heart.

When Tina Turner makes her avowal that she "likes it rough" in her recording of Proud Mary, I don't think she had the Rough Sex series particularly in mind, though her marriage to Ike, from what you've read and heard may have been the prototype. The Rough Sex tapes, even from cursory examination, tells you you're going to be provides with loads of gaping anuses and deep rectal penetrations choreographed to abusive language and behavior generally seen in a pro wrestling ring. The question is just how simulated is the behavior and whether in some instances was it actually coerced.

In the vignette titled "Thou shalt not steal!" - Kelsey swipes Mickey G.'s, cigarette lighter and dumps it in her purse. When Mickey discovers the theft, he slaps her around, hits her breasts, plants the instep of his boot on her face and threatens to stick his meat down her asshole. He proceeds to slap her butt, which, by now is exhibiting a network of broken capillaries particular to an alcoholic's beezer, and solicits the hue of a Tahitian sunset. As Mickey gags Kelsey with her panties, Jon Dough joins in. I forget at this point who excatly does the choking, but Kelsey exhorts someone to, 'Hurt me!' Dough mounts Kelsey in a standard doggie-issue as Kelsey proceeds to salivate over Mickey's ball sac. She then consumes Dough's rod as Mickey uses her ass for a foot stool. Mickey then rams her in the ass, and in a perfect example of leading the witness, has Kelsey admitting to loving cock in her "dirty little asshole". He then takes his thumbs and stretches her rectum to a tense, NBA hoop circumference. Between her sighs and cries, Kelsey's having a gagging, asthmatic attack as Dough proceeds to fingernail-slap Kelsey's nipples while her ass takes a ride on Mickey's dick in the reverse cowgirl position. The scene culminates with Kelsey taking twin loads in the mouth from both men. I plan to get through the rest of the scenes this weekend.

I talked to Jamie Gillis who's been down the rough road a few times in his own career and asked him his thoughts about controversies over such subject matter.

Gillis: "God forbid that sex should be nasty."

G. Ross: "Your career has been based on stuff that's out there on the perimeter. Along those lines, I hear there's a pretty wild scene with you, Amber Lynn and Kym Wilde in Virgin Kink 14 [Redboard Video] that's worth checking out."

Gillis: "My feelings are that we're talking about sexual fantasies that are being acted out by paid performers. This has nothing to do with dragging girls off the street and beating them up. There are a lot of girls, a lot of men, for that matter, who love being abused, sexually both in fantasy and actuality. And why people who are not into that particular thing feel that they cannot allow this, is stupid, outrageous, hypocritical crap. I can't tell you how many girls have come to me over the years because I have that reputation. They tell me they can't find this kind of treatment, that men are wimps, men won't do this. 'You try to get a guy to do something like this and they don't want to do it. They don't understand it.'

"To me, in this day and age for adult men and women to be carrying on like this is just so fucking stupid. There are millions and millions of people who have these kinds of fantasies. Millions. It's something that people need and want to see and want to have in their own lives. For those people who want it, let them have it. Who are we hurting here?"

G. Ross: "Have you always had this predisposition for taking it to the extreme, or is it something that developed in your life?"

Gillis: "If I meet a girl who enjoys this type of thing, yes; if I meet someone who doesn't enjoy it, there's no force involved. I've had relationships in my life and some of the longest lasting ones had nothing to do with sado-masochism. Some people like it, some people don't, and that should be the fucking end of it. End of story. There are these goody-two-shoes people in the adult bjusiness who are just concerned about their own fucking dollar. Their own fucking dollar. And I think that's the bottom line. Let's preserve our house, let's preserve our Rolls, let's preserve our millions. That's all this is about. And the other people who think that this should be cracked down on are just too stupid for me to want to deal with. Now you got me going. There's so much real abuse going on in the world. This is nothing to do with real abuse. These are performers. These are people happy to make a living. I've never used any inappropriate force. I remember a girl that I once threw out of my place because she kept saying, 'Is that as hard as you can hit?' I realized this was a real sick-o who was going to end up getting her and me in some trouble. I said, 'Get out!' A couple of minutes later she timidly knocked at the door and said, 'I'm sorry. I know I'm a little sick. Can I come back in. You don't have to really hurt me.'