Ron Miller Rallies Henri Pachard Support in Open Letter

CHATSWORTH, Calif.Ron Miller, a.k.a. adult performer/director Don Hollywood, issued the following letter this morning to the adult industry community concerning the efforts to release We Are the World XXX, the benefit production meant to aid cancer-stricken Hall of Fame director Henri Pachard and his family:


After my nearly 35 years of practicing law and my nearly 15 years in the adult entertainment industry few things surprise me. Regretfully some things still sicken me.

Perhaps the most deplorable situation I've seen in all my years is the current controversy concerning my very dear friend, Ron Sullivan, aka Henri Pachard. Ron is one of the true legends of the adult industry, loved by everyone, well almost everyone. He is an inspiration to talent, new and established, he is a kind, sincere man who shares his experience and knowledge with everyone. His dignity has been underscored by the way he has handled his nearly three year battle with a horrible cancer. Just as in the years before his illness, he remains a tower of strength for his family and friends, smiling and joking despite the pain he endures 24/7.

His concerns are not for his own mortality, but for his family and friends.
I know this to be true as I visit with my dear friend on a regular basis. Virtually everyone shares my feelings for Ron Sullivan and these feelings were underscored when several of the true greats in the adult entertainment industry rallied to create a tribute and fundraising video for him and his family. There are far too many people to mention, and most of them don't want any public acknowledgment for their contributions because their contributions came from their hearts. Suffice it to say that this group includes the heads of the biggest studios in the industry, the top performers and the best crews in the business. Some asked to be acknowledged, not for their egos, but simply to memorialize their love and caring.
Virtually every one of those people and all the companies still want to help see this project completed for the same reasons they initially got involved and gave so much. A team of top editors is ready, more than willing, and very able to complete this tribute fund raising video. The top companies are ready to throw their support into distribution.

Everyone who was involved in the project can rest assured that just like their initial efforts, the remaining efforts needed to get this movie on the store shelves and market cable and lodging licenses will contribute their resources without any monetary compensation. You have Ron's word on this and you can take his word to the bank any day.

Ron has all the footage and, as I said earlier, the resources to finish this project exactly as it was intended from the outset.
Unfortunately, the project could not move forward without all the signed model releases. I've read and heard most everything on this subject and as I see it there is NO good reason why these documents haven't been turned over to Ron. Incidentally Ron is the undisputed rightful owner of all the footage and images, which are in his possession. This fact underscores that Ron is also the rightful owner of the releases. After all, the intent of all involved is and always has been that this movie is a tribute to Ron and fundraiser for Ron and Deloras.

Hopefully the person who is wrongfully withholding these necessary documents will also follow the project's original intent. The time is now to show the love that you originally put into this project.

It is imperative for this movie to have real meaning and that it be released while Ron is alive. This film will be his last and he deserves to see it finished.

To that end, a group of us are hosting a barbeque in Ron's honor on August 17, 2008 at my house. We are hoping that all of those involved in the movie will attend. We are respectfully requesting that all the talent and crew who gave so much will attend, have a great time and execute new model releases.

For those who are not able to attend we ask that they contact Jason Sullivan at [email protected] or myself to arrange to execute releases.

Of course, everyone in the adult industry is welcome too. RSVP: [email protected].
1:00 PM SUNDAY, AUGUST 17,  2008 — E-mail for address and directions.

If anyone has any questions and/or constructive input please contact me as I am representing Ron. Yes of course ... I'm representing Ron pro bono.

Ron Miller, Esq. a.k.a. Don Hollywood

E-mail: [email protected]