Ron Jeremy: World Diplomat?

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Could Ron Jeremy have indirectly impacted the democratic opposition currently being waged in Pakistan by former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto? Well, no, not really. But he did cross paths with Bhutto not too long ago, he called AVN to inform us.

Yes, when the Hedgehog addressed London's Oxford Union debating society as a guest speaker, it was the same week that Bhutto took the podium there, as well, and according to Jeremy, "Her staff was there, and I think she may have been there, too. She goes places under a lot of anonymity, but I heard rumors that she was there, too, and heard my lecture. But I know that her staff thought I did a great job."

In other RJ news, his voice can be found on the website for this past weekend's biggest box office draw, Beowulf, in the podcast featuring screenwriter Roger Avary, who directed Jeremy in the cult hit Killing Zoe.

Jeremy introduces and closes out the interview with Avary, throwing in his trademark Hedgehog zing. "What you're about to hear is a long interview from Roger Avary," he begins. "And let me say by knowing him so many years, everything about Roger is long. If he chose to get into adult movies, I'd probably have to retire."

Finally, to keep your Ron cravings sated, he appears in a Halloween sketch on the Will Ferrell-backed website, and can be seen making an omelet at Ironically, he uses no ham.