Ron Jeremy to Appear in <I>Celebrity Deathmatch</I> Video Game

AVN Hall of Famer Ron Jeremy will appear in a new video game that is being produced by Gotham Games for Nintendo's Playstation 2 and Microsoft's Xbox. The game will be based on the MTV animated series Celebrity Deathmatch.rnrn

Jeremy revealed this on the show floor of the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. rnrn

?They brought me into New York to do voiceovers so they paid me a lot of money,? Jeremy told ?They are using my voice and my likeness. I am the only one from porn that they are using for this. Anna Nicole Smith, Dennis Rodman, Busta Rhymes, the band N?SYNC, Carmen Electra and a few other people will be in the game too.'rnrn

Although other celebrities will appear in the game, Jeremy is the only one whose real voice will be used. The rest of the stars will be impersonated. rnrn

' I id voiceovers like ?Ow! Ooh! Oh! Ah! Watch it! I'm gonna smack ya with this!??It's PG-rated but a little nasty,? Jeremy said.rnrn

Jeremy's character wears a Hawaiian shirt, jeans and sneakers in the game with a very noticeable bulge in the crotch of his pants.rnrn

Although Jeremy said he was ?tickled? to be appearing in the game, he doesn't tend to play them much.rnrn

' I hink they [video games] are an enormous waste of time. I'm from the old-school. You can read a book,? Jeremy said.rnrn

Jeremy also told that the documentary Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy was recently released on DVD in Australia and is soon to be released in the US.