Ron Jeremy: The King of Queens

QUEENS, N.Y.—In 2002, we here at AVN named Ron Jeremy the number one porn actor of all time. As it turns out, he's the number one actor, period. From Queens, anyway.

A recent issue of the Queens Tribune placed Jeremy in the very first slot on its top 10 list of the most prolific actors to hail from the New York borough ... and truth be told, those he outranks are no obscure slouches.

Here's the list, as compiled using 1) Ron Jeremy; 2) Martin Landau; 3) Buster Keaton; 4) Burt Young; 5) Angela Lansbury; 6) Christopher Walken; 7) Edward G. Robinson; 8) Susan Sarandon; 9) Joan Crawford; 10) Obba Babatundé. (You may remember the latter as the bongo drummer from Leonard Part 6 ... among many, many other roles.)

"This thing is too good," Jeremy told AVN. "They all won Academy Awards, I did not. Isn't that fucking funny?"

In another Ron-related honor, his horror-comedy feature One-Eyed Monster was bestowed at the 10th annual Golden Trailer Awards at the Director's Guild of America with the trophy for Trashiest Trailer. One-Eyed Monster has been running on The Movie Channel and is soon to debut on Showtime.

Evidently not entered into competion for aforesaid award was the trailer for Romeo & Juliet vs. The Living Dead.