Ron Jeremy Sez Jennifer Aniston Booted Him From 'Millers'

HOLLYWOOD—As anybody who's seen the trailer for Jennifer Aniston's upcoming comedy We're the Millers is aware, the former Friends star plays a stripper in it, and according to porn legend Ron Jeremy, he was originally set to make a cameo as the owner of the club where Aniston's character dances.

But once Aniston got wind of this, the Hedgehog claims, she venomously squelched the idea.

"Jennifer's exact words were, 'Ron Jeremy will never be within 100 miles of my movie,'" Jeremy told TMZ Live during its Thursday broadcast.

What really bothered him, however, was not that Aniston was axing him from the movie—"That I don't care, fine, it's her choice," he said—but later finding out she was close friends with Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis and had attended his wedding.

"So he can be your friend, but because I'm from the legitimate adult industry I'm a bad guy," Jeremy scoffed. "That's such hypocrisy."

TMZ also put together a video segment on the matter that includes the opening credits from Lee Roy Myers' 2009 New Sensations spoof Friends: A XXX Parody. See that here.

See Ron Jeremy's interview with TMZ Live at the 31:40 mark here.

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