Ron Jeremy Reigning Over Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD - The Hedgehog phoned up the AVN offices today to inform us of a couple of large appearances he's made in the Hollywood arena lately.

In fact, his face literally overlooks Hollywood Blvd. at the moment on a billboard for the TV Guide Station's reruns of reality show "The Surreal Life," which featured him in its second season.

"It's right smack across from the Kodak [Theater], where the Academy Awards are held," Jeremy said in that earnest, proud Hedgehog way. "It's on Highland, just a little north of Hollywood Blvd. How do you beat Hollywood and Highland? That's huge!"

The billboard shows Jeremy's smiling face alongside fellow VH1 reality stars Flavor Flav, Emmanuel Lewis, Christopher Knight and Brigitte Nielsen.

In other news, Jeremy appears in a video spoof of Britney Spears' disastrous performance at this year's MTV Video Music Awards that has been a giant hit online. Titled "Gimme Gimme" (Spears' song is called "Gimme More"), the video has Jeremy prancing around in lingerie and singing between noshes on a variety of junk food.

"A guy named Moss Krivin directed it and produced it for some commercial companies," Jeremy explained. "It was on YouTube, and it was so popular that TMZ took it [and] ran it at the same time as the new Britney Spears video. Then it went back to YouTube once TMZ did it first run, and you can still see it on both."

As to whether Spears would approve of being portrayed by Ron Jeremy, he surmised that, "Of all the mean things that have been said about her, about her kids and about her driving problems, for me to parody her, she's not gonna give a rat's ass. She might even find it amusing. I've heard from people who know her, and friends I know that know her, she's got a good sense of humor. She'd probably laugh her ass off over it. Christina Aguilera is the meaner one.

"I've hung out with Kevin Federline," Jeremy added. "They ran pictures of me and him together on Page Six of The New York Post. I've hung out with Kevin and his mom and his brother. They're a very sweet family."

To see the "Gimme Gimme" video, go to Jeremy's MySpace page at , or search for "Unauthorized Britney Spears."