Ron Jeremy: Photoshop Victim?

HOLLYWOOD — Ron Jeremy claims a picture of him on the set of Adam Rifkin's upcoming comedy Homo Erectus was altered for posting on gossip site

The photo shows Jeremy's famous schlong protruding from his caveman costume as he sits chatting up actress Ali Larter.

"First of all, my dick does not look like that, it's not pointy," Jeremy told AVN. "So that's all wrong. And it was definitely not hanging out, I was way too careful for that. I was on that show the whole time wearing a caveman costume, and I had a jockstrap underneath, just so the cock and balls would stay in."

Jeremy doesn't think blogger/VH1 host Hilton did the Photoshopping, and he has no plans to press any charges.

"The minute you put your own cock in your mouth, you lose all rights to liability, slander, you name it — out the door," he said. "I can picture trying to sue someone for making me look bad in a picture. The judge would say, 'Excuse me, didn't you have your cock in your mouth once? Yeah, case dismissed, get the fuck out of my courtroom!' What am I gonna say, they're slandering my good name?"

Due in theaters June 13, Homo Erectus also includes appearances by David Carradine, Tom Arnold, Gary Busey and former porn performer Jacklyn Lick. Director Rifkin also made two other movies with Ron Jeremy cameos: Detroit Rock City (1999) and Night at the Golden Eagle (2002).

To see the allegedly altered photo of Ron Jeremy and Ali Larter from the set, click here.