Ron Jeremy, Michael Leahy Featured on ABC News

LOS ANGELES -  AVN Hall of Fame performer Ron Jeremy appeared last night on the ABC News program "Money Matters" in a segment featuring "Porn Nation" author Michael Leahy.

Leahy is a self-described ex-porn addict who has made it his mission to "put a warning label" on the adult industry by alerting the world to the dangers of watching dirty movies. The author is one of several anti-porn advocates who have debated Jeremy at venues across the country.

Sporting a T-shirt, the Hedgehog did his best to counter Leahy's arguments about so-called "porn addiction" and the adult industry's harmful effect on society. Jeremy pointed out that alcohol remains legal despite its potential for abuse and addiction, and reminded the ABC host that adult movies cater to all kinds of fantasies, from the romantic to the hardcore.

Jeremy stressed that the adult industry is not pitching its products to minors, pointing out that filters exist to prevent kids from viewing internet porn.

"We're not like some cigarette companies trying to put billboards outside classrooms," Jeremy said. "We're not trying to have minors see porn. In fact...the largest consumer of internet porn is ages 35-49."

Jeremy also managed to namedrop at least half a dozen adult producers during his limited airtime, among them Vivid, Metro, Adam & Eve, Elegant Angel, Evil Angel and Extreme.

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