Ron Jeremy: 'Majority" of Adult Performers Believe in God

LOS ANGELES—Ron Jeremy has been barnstorming the country forever with bff and founder Craig Gross giving so-called debates in places of worship, before what seem to be very healthy crowds of people. Sunday, before a reported audience of 2,000 people, Ron and Craig once again took to the stage, but this time Jeremy made a rather surprising claim regarding the faith of adult performers.

According to The Christian Post, he said, "People in porn believe in God. It's not a one or the other thing. I think a majority of adult performers in that industry (porn) do believe in God. We aren't sure about the name of God but we know that He's up there."

One might wonder how he knows this intimate detail about the spiritual beliefs of so many people, but one way might be that Jeremy, who is not actively performing at the moment, has by his own account been in more than 2,000 adult movies. That works out to many more sex scenes, of course, and who knows how many individual partners. Assuming he's performed with a majority of female porn stars over the years, he would have certainly spent many hours chatting with them on the set in between scenes. Maybe the subject of God came up then. But who knows, maybe he's also counting unscripted conversations during scenes, such as:

Her: "Oh Jesus, I'm coming!"

Him: "You believe in God?"

Her: "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Or maybe he just told the crowd what he knew they wanted to hear, like the old pro he is.