Ron Jeremy Licensed to Handle Dangerous Animals

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Ron Jeremy has been granted a Dangerous Animal Control License by the state of New York.

Jeremy got the license because he's in talks to do a new reality TV show. The certificate allows him to handle wild baby lions, tigers, bears, and other species.

"I still will not go beyond baby, 'cause I'm not stupid!" Jeremy said. "I will not stick my head in some giant tiger's face."

The license is valid in California and expires next June. Jeremy has already put his certified skills to use in a new video with exotic animal specialist Larry Wallach that's available for viewing on YouTube.

"It's a semi-baby tiger having a fight with a poodle," Jeremy explained. "They're actually best friends, they were born and raised together, but they go jumping around and hitting each other. It's cute, it's fun. And I'm holding the tiger, and then he gets into the ring — it's funny."

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