Ron Jeremy in Promo Trailer for Upcoming Video Game 'Crookz'

LOS ANGELES—Ron Jeremy has been tagged by video game publisher Kalypso Media to help with the launch of a new tactical strategy game called Crookz. Even though the game is not slated for release until 2015, the publicity machine is already cranked up, with the legendary Jeremy lending his talents in a decidedly non-sexual role.

According to,  "Crookz ... a tactical strategy game with a 1970s vibe ... enlisted porn icon Ron Jeremy to appear in its announcement trailer.

"In the live-action trailer, which has surprisingly high production values, the salacious Jeremy is the one getting robbed," it added. "The target? A gold statue in the man's mansion."

In addition to his estimable chops as a beloved celeb, that "1970s vibe" may be why Kalypso was convinced that Jeremy, whose rose to international fame during that hirsute decade, remains the perfect embodiment of the ’70s male.

The announcement trailer can be seen here along with more info about Crookz.

Image: A young Ron Jeremy exuding '70s chic.