Ron Jeremy Gets Heavy

Rolling with the comedy skills that he's honed over the years, Ron Jeremy will make his debut as a "techie" when "Techsmart With Ron Jeremy" premieres at on April 5.

Speaking to, Jeremy explained his role with the show. "It's really comical," he said. "They hired me and gave me really, really good money to do a bunch of technological skits to rate different object and items."

Asked about technical qualifications, Jeremy admitted, "I'm pretty much stupid when it comes to this stuff, so they spoon-fed me for rating things like different iPods and cell phones."

Jeremy also parodies popular Internet videos on the show. As he explained, "There's this really, really funny thing where they took the top five or so YouTube videos that are getting millions and millions of hits, and they had me mock them and impersonate them. Like that little LonelyGirl15 who got an award at VH1 last year? I impersonated her. It's really funny. 'Hi. I'm lonely. I'm lonely with a million hits a day.' I crack all these jokes, 'I do absolutely nothing but fake you out that I'm 15…and I'm really 22.' It's a pretty funny bit."

Asked if he worked from a script, Jeremy said he ad-libbed it all. "I was given complete freedom doing these things," he said. "I did another one where a martial arts guy goes on an audition and falls down. I impersonated him. I impersonated a Bali dancer."

Jeremy has high hopes for his new online venture. "I'm hoping it will be a big hit," he said. "I hope that people will tell their friends and they'll tell their friends…I'll be like an Amway distributorship!"