Ron Jeremy Featured on the E! Channel’s High Price of Fame

Metro's Ron Jeremy will appear alongside Adam Glasser, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Divine Brown and others as an expert guest on an episode of E!’s High Price of Fame that discusses the temptations of the flesh that fame provides.

E!'s High Price Of Fame: Tempted examines the sex lives of the famous, those who have become famous from their sex lives, and those who have pursued a career having sex. Jeremy was interviewed for several segments of the show.

The show also incorporated footage from Metro titles: Sex and the Studio, Amazon Sex, Babes Illustrated #13, San Fernando Jones and the Temple of Poon and Ron Jeremy on the Loose: Sunset Strip! 

"This kind of exposure is always good for a company," says Joey Wilson, head of Metro's sales and marketing departments. "It just goes to show that porn is becoming more and more acceptable in mainstream entertainment."

The show will also have Poison’s lead singer Bret Michaels and NBA star Darryl Dawkins tell E! about groupies.  Even Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved by the Bell) has a few groupie stories to share.

You can catch High Price of Fame: Tempted tonight at 10p.m., with repeats on November 6th at 4p.m. and November 7th at 10p.m.