Ron Jeremy Escapes Harm in Bus Crash

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - AVN Hall of Famer Ron Jeremy walked away unharmed after a crash on the Massachusetts Turnpike Friday night, when a drunk driver swerved into the front of the tour bus Jeremy was on with Pastor Craig Gross and members of his XXXChurch entourage.

Jeremy and Gross had just left from a stop on their nationwide "Great Porn Debate" tour at the popular Cambridge club The Middle East, and according to Gross' report on his website,, they were engaged in a lively discussion with eight others in the front of the bus when the crash happened.

"My two kids and Jeanette [Gross' wife] were sleeping and did not even wake up," Gross said. "Jason, the moderator of the debate, busted his ankle. The drunk driver tried to put his passenger in the driver's seat, but thanks to all the cameras in our bus, we got proof of that. They handcuffed him and took him to jail."

Jeremy told AVN, "Some guy cuts off the bus, makes a sudden stop, we all go flying, and then there's a second sudden stop as the bus made contact. It was a little wagon, so the bus had virtually no damage at all, but the wagon was smashed. And then this guy, he's such a weirdo, he's taking photographs of our bus and of the accident, like he's gonna laugh, 'I have a camera, look what I got.' Meanwhile, we had three camerawomen, two still guys on our bus, 'cause they're shooting a documentary of this tour, and so out of the bus comes three rolling video cameras and stills, saying, 'I think we beat you in the camera department, sir.'

"The cameras were rolling even when the accident happened," Jeremy went on, "and you see everyone falling over, it was amazing. And I made a joke, 'Anybody hurt? How could anybody be hurt? I'm on a bus with five ordained pastors. You could not be in a safer place. I'm the only heathen here.'"

Jeremy is now in New York City, where he hinted he is in talks to shoot a major television show Tuesday.