Ron Jeremy Discusses Book Tour

Ron Jeremy told AVN that his autobiography is charting on the New York Times' extended best-seller list, holding steady at No. 32 this past week.

"Ron Jeremy: The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz," published by Harper Collins, ranked two positions behind Fox News' Bill O'Reilly's "Culture Warrior" on the list.

"My book is doing very, very well," Jeremy said. "The New York Times gave it a good review. It has not gotten a bad review yet."

Jeremy said that Harper Collins recently called to inform him that his book is "the No. 1 non-fiction book in Austin, Texas."

"It's also in airports. It's at every major airport in America," Jeremy said.

The Metro Studios contract star and AVN Hall of Fame member said he recently saw Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz at a Mardi Gras party at the Playboy Mansion and engaged her in a conversation about how they share the same publisher for their memoirs.

"I told Jenna that when I made the deal with Harper Collins that I only had one request, 'that my book outsell yours,'" Jeremy said. "She laughed and said, 'you never know.'"

Jeremy then shared a story about how his book tour intersected with the death of Playboy Playmate and former model, Anna Nicole Smith, who died on Feb. 8 at the age of 39.

"Me and [BunnyRanch owner] Dennis Hof were both in New York at the same time. I was doing press, from CNN to Howard Stern, for the book. [Hof] was doing press for his fifth season of 'Cathouse' on HBO, which he calls HB-Ho," Jeremy explained, referring to his close friend Hof.

"I did all my press stuff two days before him and got it all out of the way, when he was hanging out at the hotel. I beat him by two days and it really matters because he is in the limo en route to the "Today Show" with one of his girls in the car, and it got cancelled at the last minute and he lost all of his press because Anna Nicole had just passed away and  the news media dropped him like a cold potato, postponed it. So I was laughing my ass off because I just beat it. I just made it and I was laughing at him. So Dennis told the New York media, that "maybe [Anna Nicole's baby Danielynn Hope Smith] is mine because I just got screwed by Anna Nicole (after death).'

Jeremy continued, "So I'm just laughing at him like crazy, and one week later I'm booked solid for 'Geraldo.' I was in San Antonio doing a tattoo convention, and they had it locked in for me to be an in-studio guest on Geraldo's show on Sunday night and he cancelled. So the child could be mine, too. We both got screwed by Anna Nicole.

"… So don't laugh at your friends that hard because it might come back at you."