Ron Jeremy and Gina Lynn at Diamonds Cabaret

Last week Ron Jeremy and Gina Lynn made a special appearance at Diamonds Cabaret, a private posh strip club located io the outskirts of Kettering, Ohio. Lynn made it for the entire weekly gig, and Jeremy was forced to miss Friday’s shows and he blamed it on Polariod.

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Lynn working the stage

“They stopped me while going through airport security because of something suspicious in my luggage,” Jeremy stated with a look of bewilderment. “It took forever for them to determine that it was a new pack of Polaroid film that I use at my signings that was setting it off. By then it was too late, and it was the last flight of the day.”

Jeremy’s stand-up schtick on Saturday, December 13th served an a intro to Gina Lynn who was fresh from an appearance in Florida.

Lynn wowed the audience as Jeremy and her better half, Travis Knight, joined the appreciative crowd and watched her feature act from stage left. “Diamonds Cabaret is a gorgeous club,” Knight remarked early in the evening. “Last night it was packed.”

During a brief break between signings, Polaroids, and the stage, Jeremy slipped in a quick plug and a bit of gossip about his upcoming appearances on The Surreal Life 2. “Due to the Paris Hilton thing and the popularity of reality shows, they have changed the show’s format and each week will now be a full hour instead of the originally-scheduled half hour. The first airing will be Sunday, January 11th right after the AVN Expo is over.

"They moved it to Sunday because it is a better time slot. Also,” he grinned, “at a party shortly before the Paris Hilton story broke, I traded flashes in a back room with Paris – she wanted to see my dick and I got to see her boobs.”