Ron Jeremy Among Six to Be Inducted at Legends of Erotica '08

LAS VEGAS — AVN Hall of Famer Bill Margold has selected Ron Jeremy as one of six performers to be inducted at the Legends of Erotica Wall of Fame ceremony on Friday, Jan. 11 at Showgirls Video (631 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV).

Co-inductees with Jeremy will be Debi Diamond, Midori, Mimi Miyagi, Brittany Andrews and Kitten Natividad.

"I'm trying to surround [Jeremy] with as many flavors, sizes and shapes that appropriate the Hedgehog's position," Margold told AVN, "and I at least was lucky enough to land one of [Jim] Holliday's Angels, which was Debi Diamond. I try and get an Angel every year to honor Holliday, because Holliday was one of the people that helped create the original hall of fame when we were doing the XRCO. And this takes the place of all the halls of fame, because this is the real one. The other ones have started to put too many people in, and it's devalued the hall of fame."

Started in 1994 by Margold and Arrow Productions' Ray Pistol, the Legends of Erotica ceremony is held every year during the Adult Entertainment Expo. Past inductees include Georgina Spelvin, F.J. Lincoln, Paul Thomas, Veronica Hart, Henri Pachard, Rhonda Jo Petty, Alicia Rio, Herschel Savage and Serena.

"I've put in a whole lot of the original people," Margold said. "I'm still looking for certain people — I know some of them have died, but I'm looking for Constance Money and Leslie Bovee and Barbara Dare ... even somebody as current as Ashlyn Gere knows that I would like to have her come there and be honored and be given the cement block, which is an official, 300-pound block of cement with whatever body part they want to put into it.

"The thing that's always made me want to go back and do it again," Margold continued, "is the incredible reverence from the fans toward the performers. I have said it many times: you could hear a pubic hair drop. And it's so satisfying to see the adulation and the constant series of standing ovations. When I originally designed it, I came up with a concept that the pro football and baseball hall of fame have — you have to choose a person important to you to induct you. A couple of times I've used people inducting to fool them to get them there so I could induct them. Probably the classic example of that, and the first example, was Gloria Leonard, who wanted Jamie [Gillis] to come — and Jamie would never have come to be inducted himself — and after he did the induction, he said to me, 'This is really sorta cool.' And I said, 'I hope you like it, 'cause now I'm inducting you.' And he's my idol. So it was sort of fitting that I had the chance to do it. I have no surprises like that this year; all these six people do know they're going in. Six is too many sometimes, anyway, but I wanted a Hedgehog and his quintet — one for each finger."

One highly controversial figure Margold said he'd like to eventually induct into Legends of Erotica is Marc Wallice, the performer accused of causing the first industry outbreak of HIV in 1998 by knowingly shooting scenes after being diagnosed with the virus.

"I'll be very happy to induct Marc Wallice," Margold said. "Wallice should only be inducted for one reason: he was one of the greatest studs of a certain era, and that's what we're acknowledging him for. If nothing else, the analogy is the Pete Rose of porn, Pete Rose being the greatest hitter of all time, Wallice one of the great studs, ranking in the same breath as Byron and North. I want Wallice in the Legends of Erotica, I want his block of cement. There are people who'd like to put him in face down, but there's never been any proof that he knew. I was there in '98, when all of it took place. Maybe on his deathbed, he's like, 'Yeah, I knew,' but he's never admitted to knowing, and there is no proof that he knew."

Proceeds from the Legends of Erotica ceremony will go to Margold’s Protecting Adult Welfare (PAW) foundation.

"It's very, very reverential," he said. "And there'll be tears. People cry on that stage. I have cried many times. And the audience also cries. This is the real thing, and it's very gratifying. It's just what I believe in; it's based on one of my more famous lines: there is no future if in the present, we fail to pay homage to the past."

Tickets to the 2008 Legends of Erotica ceremony are $20 and will be available for purchase at Showgirls Video and the Arrow Productions/PAW AEE booth. Capacity is between 250 and 300 people, and tickets are expected to sell out beforehand.