'Roma Episode 3' from Daring Media Streets Nov. 20

HIGHSTOWN, N.J. - Roma: Episode 3, the final installment of Daring Media's trilogy, is set for release on Nov. 20.

Directed by Antonio Adamo, the movie will be released through IVD Exclusives. The feature Daring Media darlings Dora Venter, Boroka Balls, Jennifer Love, Lydia Saint Martin, Milla, Jennifer Stone, Vanilla and more.

The final installment picks up where the second episode left off, with Caesar re-entering Rome and reorganizing the Senate, and forcing politicians to proclaim him the Emporer of Rome.

Roma: Episode 3 is filled with dramatic fight scenes and erotic sexual encounters. The DVD also features behind-the-scenes video, more movie trailers, photo galleries and a commemorative booklet.

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