Rodney Moore Takes A New Direction With <i>Vampires</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Rodney Moore has taken a break from his usual hard-edged gonzo style with this week's release of the vignette-oriented Vampires from Rodnievision.

A longtime fan of the witchy look favored by goth girls and Wiccans, Moore decided to shoot a movie that featured the spooky/sexy type of girls he loves.

Moore, who's also a musician, found his passion in that area revived while making Vampires and ended up creating a darkly hypnotic score for the movie. As a bonus, the first run of Vampires features a separate CD containing Moore's original compositions.

Asked about the new direction he was taking with Vampires, Moore told, "My company and I were trying to do something different than what we normally do—something that we would want to see in our personal porn collections. Now that the movie is selling like gangbusters, well, that's just icing on the cake for us."

Exquisite Pleasures' Jerry Estrada, whose company is distributing Vampires, said, "We were completely caught off guard by the demand for this movie. We already have re-orders from the distributors. This is a Rodney experiment gone right!"

The movie stars, among others, Jamie Tyler, Mandy Luxx, Caroline Pierce, Lee Stone.

Those looking to purchase the movie are directed to Wholesale inquiries should go to [email protected].