Rod Barry Makes Directorial Debut for All Worlds

Rod Barry, award-winning star of gay, straight, and bisexual adult films, moved behind the camera this week to direct his first video. The project, Down the Drain, which completes shooting on Friday, is an All Worlds Video production.

Ex-Marine Barry got his start as a performer in Dirk Yates videos 10 years ago and has since made a name for himself as a trash-talking, dominating top and bottom.

Barry describes the movie as "a wild plumbing fantasy dealing with pipes, drains, plungers, toilets, and all those orifices that 'plumbing' takes care of, along with sex toys, intense ass-play, and watersports."

“Lots of men and women like to fantasize about having sex with plumbers and construction workers," Barry said, "and I’m going to try to capture that fantasy as best I can.”

The movie will star All Worlds’ exclusive Kevin Brown, fresh from his first two porn videos, Captured and Sex with Strangers.

Also in the cast are Nick Capra, Antonio Madiera, Kyle Lewis, Jason Tiya, Doug Jeffries, Troy Moore, Sergio Anthony, Park Wiley, and superhung newcomer Mason Wyler.