Rockstarz Films to Release First Feature

Rockstarz Films has wrapped production on F.I.L.T.H. Hunters, its very first feature-style production. Written and directed by newcomer Eden Paige, Hunters offers hardcore action from a female perspective.

Why does Paige choose the adult genre to showcase her skills? “I look at it as a film genre like any other,” she said. And as for her decision to choose the hardcore route, she explained that she finds softcore boring, stating, “I’m of the belief that if it’s not something I would be turned on by, then it’s a waste of my time making it.”

A similar approach is taken by Rockstarz Films producer Sammy Rockstarz. “I like hot chicks who do the nastiest hardcore action,” he said, “but it’s the storylines and action in films by Nic Andrews and Jules Jordan that really showcase the talents of today’s hot adult performers.”

F.I.L.T.H. Hunters tells the story of Nikki (Mandy Taylor), who misses being with men, while her girlfriend Ella (Hailey Young) wants nothing to do with them. James (Barrett Blade) is bored with his 9 to 5 life and his picket-fence family. Sophia (Violet Blue) and her husband Frank (Tyler Durden) have lost the spark in their love life. All of which, of course, is headed for a change.

Founded by Sammy Rockstarz in 2004, Rockstarz Films at first only produced low-budget gonzo films. However, Mr. Rockstarz became inspired by adult features that highlighted good acting and slick production value, so he decided to raise the bar a notch by aiming for hardcore productions with driving storylines and a ’70s feel.

The F.I.L.T.H. Hunters trailer can be viewed at