Rocco Swears Off Sex in Support of Italian World Cup Team

LOS ANGELES—Because he is such a proud Italian and also a lover of the Beautiful Game, legendary porn stud Rocco Siffredi made an announcement this week via a video posted to Facebook that he is swearing off sex while the Italian national team is still vying for victory in the World Cup 2014, which begins today in Brazil. If the Italians should win, or once they are eliminated, the shagging will presumably resume.

According to the Telegraph, in the video the 50-year-old superstar looks into the camera "as two young women sprawl on the bed behind him, Siffredi says, 'Guys, I've had thousands of orgasms but there is one I will never forget. The one I had together with all of you. Do you remember when we won the World Cup in 2006?

"'So for that collective orgasm (to happen again), I am prepared to go without my orgasms. For the entire time our national squad is in Brazil I won't have sex. It will be my chastity vote for the victory of Italy,'" he adds.

For Siffredi, the road to victory runs in both directions. "I foresee hard times, very hard," he tells fans, "but you need to support me, you need to write to me, don't abandon me.

"And to the 22 players who are in Brazil, I ask only one thing," he implores. "Let me at least enjoy you."