Robert Hill Streets Mike Ramone's <i>Cum Fart Tsunami</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Robert Hill Releasing has unleashed Cum Fart Tsunami, the latest directorial effort from former AVN Editor-in-Chief Mike Ramone.

“I love cum farting titles and there are some really raunchy ones out there, but I took the genre to new in-the-gutter depths with Cum Fart Tsunami,” said Ramone, a self-proclaimed "lifestyle fetishist, BDSM practitioner and obsessive porn addict."

And just how does one take the concept of "cum farting" to new depths?

“In just about every cum farting title I’ve ever seen, the actual cum farting is only a small part of the scene, lasting just a few minutes at the very end," Ramone explained. "In Tsunami, I make the cum farting a far meatier, bigger, lengthier part of the scene, which is what I think fans of the genre want to see.”

Cum Fart Tsunami stars Audrey Hollander, Carly Parker, Tyla Wynn and Staci Thorn. Ramone boasts that the movie features the girls "farting load after load of thick, steamy man-muck out of their asses into each other’s mouths."

"But that’s just the start," the director told AVN. "From there, the cum-hungry porn-whores repeatedly spit and dribble the funky stuff back into each other’s faces and mouths, bitch slapping each other the whole time; repeatedly spit and dribble the cock snot directly onto the camera lens, then ravenously lick it clean; and repeatedly spit and dribble it onto a seedy toilet bowl in a glory hole stall, then lick it clean, all the while verbally abusing each other with ear-bleeding cries of blow your fucking colon out!”

And that's not all.

“Throw in super hardcore ass fucking, d.p.s, triple penetrations, and in Audrey’s case, so many penetrations at the same time that I lost count, leading up to the massive felchings, and wrap it all up in a hardcore BDSM package, with real fetishy sex, clothes and sets (including a seedy, graffiti and glory hole-ridden bathroom stall and a sleazy old school dirty book store), and Cum Fart Tsunami should be a cum farting fan’s ultimate wet dream," raved Ramone. "Raincoats will not be optional.”

Tsunami also stars Otto Bauer ("my onscreen alter-ego," Ramone said), Steven French and Joe Rock, plus newcomers TJ Gold, Antonio Dank, Simon Stamina and Enzo Lucas.

“Viewers will simply not believe just how many giant cocks and big fat black dils Audrey Hollander can stretch out all her holes with at the same time,” Ramone added. “Sick, sick stuff. I called the Guinness Book of Records.”

Cum Fart Tsunami is Ramone’s third title for Robert Hill Releasing. His first, Wedding Bells Gang Bang, and second, Lord and Master, were released late last year. His fourth, Mistress Strap-On: Sado Bitch, is slated for release next week.

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