Robert Hill Releases Mike Ramone’s <i>Lord And Master</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Former AVN Editor-in-Chief Mike Ramone combines authentic Male Dom/female sub BSDM with ultra-nasty sex in his second directorial effort, Lord And Master. The DVD is available now from Robert Hill Releasing.

Lord and Master's cast is composed largely of porn performers who are real-life BDSM scene players, including Adrianna Nicole, Michelle Aston, Moxxie Maddron, Monique, Master Tom Moore and former cop Jack Lawrence (who proves himself to be one kinky cop), performing in highly distinctive, very edgy, politically incorrect fetish vignette scenes.

“I picked this cast very, very carefully. Most of those performers are true BDSM life-stylists who brought genuine BDSM expertise and action to the production, as opposed to porn performers pretending to be into BDSM, with predictably phony-looking, generic results,” said Ramone, who himself comes from a background in the downtown Los Angeles dungeon scene as a Dom.

“The results here are explosive, crazy, wild, perverted and very strokable,” Ramone said, “combining BDSM action, including flogging and other corporal punishment, humiliation, smoking fetish, blasphemy fetish, suspension and enema action, with hardcore sucking, fucking, sodomy and real nasty, prolonged, ritualistic cum shots.

“I made very sure to always have nasty hardcore sex going on at the same time as the fetish action, as opposed to just having say, spanking going on, just in and of itself, without any sex happening at the same time. That’s what the consumer wants and very frequently doesn’t get in other BDSM productions. In Lord and Master, they do. I think they are really going to get off on it.”

Heightening the production’s BDSM authenticity were the locations, including Ramone’s own private dungeon, and high-end fetish clothes Ramone and the performers brought to the production.

 “I shot the exact kind of real-deal BDSM-cum-hardcore action that I, as a porn-consuming perv, have always wanted to see,” Ramone said. “The vast majority of real-deal BDSM specialty titles don’t give the viewer hardcore sex. The vast majority of hardcore sex titles that feature fetish look generic, not real. Lord and Master bridges that gap and fills that void – super nasty hardcore sex combined with super perverted real-deal fetish starring real BDSM scene players. There are some extreme, outrageous sights in this title that you just aren’t going to see in any other adult videos.”

“Fans of this sort of thing should be very pleased,” Ramone added, “as I shot for them the types of scenes I and they crave.”

Ramone’s directorial debut for Robert Hill, Wedding Bells Gang Bang, was released in August, earning strong reviews, including a Spotlight Pick in October’s AVN. His third Robert Hill title, Mistress Strap-On: Sado Bitch, is currently being edited for release later this year. He will shoot his fourth Robert Hill title, Cum Fart Tsunami, later this month.

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