Rob Rotten Wraps 'Bong Load Girls'

PETALUMA, Calif. - Hot on the heels of his multiple AVN Award-nominated Texas Vibrator Massacre, punk-rock pornographer Rob Rotten has wrapped his sickest joint yet: Bong Load Girls.

"It's very unique, and probably my favorite of all the movies I've done," Rotten said of his new stoner-chick flick. "This movie is vignette-style, but the skits are super-involved; the action is all integrated with music, and I've created some really nice transitions and special effects. It also has one of the coolest solo masturbation scenes you'll ever see. I don't think there's been anything like it before in the adult industry."

Rotten shot Bong Load Girls on location in the Bay Area for his company Punx Productions. It's clearly a labor of twisted love for the guerrilla porn director, known for such offbeat beat-off epics as Fuck the System, Porn of the Dead, and Swallow My Children.

"I really care about my movies, and that extends to the cast and crew I bring along with me," he said. "When I'm in post-production, I'm down in L.A. overseeing it with my editor every week. Even when I'm doing a series of videos, I always change the themes and the style so it's not just another volume in a line. I think that approach has created a successful brand; I get e-mails all the time from students who want to intern for the company or girls who want to perform in my movies just because they like what I do."

Rotten has several feature scripts in development for 2009, including a grindhouse horror movie he's looking to produce in both R-rated and X-rated versions.

"I always have more ideas than companies to shoot for," he laughs. "It seems like I'm most known for punk rock and horror, but I've been in the biz for almost nine years, and I can shoot everything.  I'd love to get a feature line going this year with the right studio."

In the meantime, Rotten is shopping Bong Load Girls to distributors. "I just got the first DVD screeners back this week, and I'm making a few adjustments," he said. "The few people who have seen it so far all say it's even better than Texas Vibrator Massacre, which got a perfect 5A rating from AVN."

Interested distributors can contact Rotten through his website,