Rob Rotten Joins JM Productions Family

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - JM Productions has sealed a pact with director/fucker Rob Rotten to distribute the punk-porn filmmaker's Punx Productions label.

As announced by AVN earlier this month, the deal kicks off on the dope-smoking holiday of 4/20 with the release of Rotten's cannabis-clouded masterwork Bong Load Girls.

Few studios can summon the pornographic potency to sit beside the in-house product pioneered by JM founder and self-made Master of Reality Jeff Steward. According to JM publicist Tony Malice, Rotten has kept it real and raunchy enough to make the cut.

"When it comes to living an 'alternative lifestyle' – and by that we mean excessive drinking, smoking, refusing to work for The Man,’and fucking whores from morning to night - Rob Rotten has just about everyone else beat hands down," Malice said. "Thankfully for all of us, Rotten is also an extremely gifted filmmaker who captures the debauchery of himself and his band of derelict friends with an impressively and insightful perspective."

Punx Productions joins Pariah Pictures, Powersville, Inc., Chatsworth Pictures, Fuck You Cash, and Brandon Iron Productions on the elite JM roster.

"I consider myself an everyman, well, with a lot more tattoos of course," Rotten laughed. "I feel there is a porn market for guys like me who just like to get stoned and jerk off."

Rotten's credits include the acclaimed Texas Vibrator Massacre, which garnered 12 AVN Award nominations. He worked with JM mainstay Jim Powers on the gutter-punk smut classic Little Runaway and its excellent sequel.

"Rob is an industry veteran who is finally getting the recognition he deserves," said Malice. "If Rob keeps creating films of this caliber, as I’m sure he will, his legion of fans as well as his fame will continue to grow."

Malice was quick to disntiguish Rotten's work from the so-called "alt-porn" genre.

"Rob is a technically talented filmmaker," he said. "This guy’s not like Eon McKai, he actually can focus his camera and use lights.  Plus, you can actually come from watching his movies. It's good stuff."

Rob is "working diligently" (cough, cough) on his second JM release, The Best of Rachel Rotten Vol. 1. That title is scheduled to street this summer.

"Rob spent many sleepless nights weeping and jacking off while he viewed and assembled content of his now ex-girlfriend Rachel Rotten for this unmatched anthology of her work," Malice said.
Distributors can order now by contacting JM Productions at (800) 550-3659.  Fans can order Bong Load Girls today by visiting on the web.