Rob Black to Place Gay Green Lantern in 3D 'Justice League'

GLENDALE, Calif.—In order to really remain loyal to his comic book source material, Rob Black plans to make the Green Lantern in his upcoming Sinister Comixxx release Justice League XXX 3D homosexual ... to the point of casting gay porn superstar Adam Killian in the role and insterting a gay sex scene between Lantern and Nightwing (whose portrayer has yet to be announced).

This revelation came today by way of comic book fansite, which commented, "This is the kind of scenario that slash ficcers have been writing for a couple of decades of course. But no one has had the impetus to put it onto the screen before. If this attempt goes well, expect a lot more of the same, indeed, a gay porn parody line is quite possible."

Read the report here.

Photo of Adam Killian (l) courtesy of