Rob Black Productions Offers 100 Extreme Associates Titles

GLENDALE, Calif.Rob Black Productions has brought 100 classic titles from the Extreme Associates catalog back into print on DVD for the first time in up to eight years.

Titles to be re-released include Creampie Milkshakes, top entries in the Big F'n Tits and Cocksmokers series, and the entire Extremely Yours line featuring Extreme Associates contract stars such as Tiffany Mynx, Jasmin St. Claire, Ashlynn Gere, Lizzy Borden and Krysti Myst.

RBP sales manager David Peskin remarked, "It's an honor to sell the original and hardcore DVDs from the originator and promote the return of a legend. I remember sitting in my Snatch office watching these movies every day, the best hardcore on the market and a perfect blend of filthy pornography and original filmmaking. I can't wait to be on the phone selling these legendary titles."

Added company owner Black, "I'm thrilled and excited to put these back on the market and show mainstream America the style that we originated and has been copied ever since. But remember: Often imitated, never duplicated. You can't copy a way of life, and that's what Extreme is for us ... a way of life."

For sales inquiries, contact Peskin at (818) 484-5816 or [email protected].