Rob Black Productions Announces Fairy Tale Imprint

GLENDALE, Calif.—Rob Black Productions has launched Fairy Tale Films XXX for high-end adult productions based on traditional fairy tales such as those by the Brothers Grimm.

In the tradition of Reservoir Dogs XXX and Taxi Driver XXX, these films will not be parodies, but homages to the original tales.

The first production under the Fairy Tale Films XXX banner will be Snow White XXX, which will be followed by Cinderella XXX, Beauty and the Beast XXX and Sleeping Beauty XXX.

“These films will take the romance end of our business and turn it upside down,” Rob Black said. “We are going to revolutionize the romance genre the same way we did with the comic book world.”

In the next few days Black will reveal the cast of Snow White XXX in pictures and video clips, starting with Snow White herself.

All of the movies under the Fairy Tale Films XXX banner will be shot in full high-definition and its first release will be shot on the Red One camera and will helmed by award-winning cinematographer Paul Woodcrest, fully scored by Tom Byron, and produced by the same crew from the Extreme Comixxx productions, and Taxi Driver XXX (Exquisite Films) and Reservoir Dogs XXX (Pleasure Dynasty).