Rob Black Blasts Luke Ford Story

[Attempts were made to reach both Van Damage and Tiffany Mynx for comment in the reporting of this story. They did not return calls.]

Yesterday, Luke Ford ran an article of innuendo and hearsay about more financial troubles at Extreme Associates. We'll print what Luke said balanced by Rob Black's responses to those various allegations. Black maintains that he will not talk to Ford under any circumstances.

Ford's charge: "He's [Luke] is hearing that Extreme Associates does not have the model releases to individual productions from the recently fired Tiffany Mynx and Van Damage that Extreme has sold to a cable TV company. I hear that Rob Black's company has already received payment for the shows but was unable to deliver on the releases."

Black: "We have not sold anything to cable. We have not received any money from any cable deals." [Black has been battling back and forth with a certain cable company over licensing agreements, and the cable company's alleged unauthorized licensing of Black's product. Black's attorney last week appeared to be willing to ride out the problem, but Black says certain circumstances have altered the situation, and they're going after the company.]

"That's what we're going through with our lawyers today," Black says. That [cable] company's going to be called Extreme Productions TV. We're going after them full bore. We're in meetings right now. We have contracts that....signed as president of Extreme. They're [the cable station] running things already that I never signed. They were supposed to send a list of all materials they had and renegotiate prices. They did not do either of them. We said, 'Okay, that's how you want to be..' They have a title, Fire Wire that we know they have, and they're saying they don't have it. And they went directly to our director, direct, and asked if they could get it from him. He said, 'I don't own the fucking thing.' "

Ford's charge: "Apparently, the forthcoming Tiffany Mynx and Van Damage comps to be released by Extreme in their hardcore versions and already sold to cable TV contain scenes from Tif's and Van's movies for which Rob has the masters, but the releases are in the hands of the productions companies Tiffany Mynx Productions and Van Damage Productions."

Black: "Not true. The model releases for the Van and Tiffany movies? Van Damage stole them from our offices. He stole the model releases and masters. He knew he stole the masters because he replaced the masters on the shelves with work tapes, bogus tapes. So when we picked the masters up, it felt like there were tapes in there. When we moved our offices, we had to move all the masters. So, as we started moving all the masters, one of them fell to the ground and a fucking tape fell out that said, 'Cellar Dwellers Work Tape.' One of our editors goes, 'Is this supposed to be there?' We went through all the tapes. He [Van Damage] replaced all the masters with bogus tapes. If he owned them, like he thinks he does, why would he replace them with bogus tapes? If you take a look at every Extreme box it says I produced the movie and I'm the holder of records. So how could he have them?"

Luke runs attestations that recent ads in AVN are "derogatory" to Tiffany Mynx and that comments about her being lazy and a pot smoker come from the Extreme camp.

Black: "That's true about her. She is a lazy, fucking dope-smoking fuck. That can be attested to by everybody including Patrick Collins who she tried stealing $20,000 from. We had to get the attorneys, and we had to pay the fucking bills to get her out of that fucking mess. Patrick will attest to that. Our attorneys had to spend hours on the phone with the furniture people to get her out of that mess. The bill alone for that was over five grand which I paid for. We'll just keep drilling out all that shit about these two. Now we're finding out that Van Damage wasn't a Navy SEAL. He's been lying about that. That's all bullshit. He's a con artist. We'll confirm that tomorrow. We're already in contact with the Naval Special Warfare Center in Coronado. We're getting the history of Van Damage, and there's a lot of conflicting stories. They want a fucking war? They ain't gonna fucking survive. We're still taking care of her fucking guinea pig which she abandoned and left here in this fucking office. Her kids? She's abandoned her kids. The girl's a worthless piece of shit, on top of the fact that Van Damage is a fucking rapist. We've got it from over five girls that Van Damage has sexually assaulted and has forced sex upon. We can bring these girls up, and criminal charges might be levied upon him for that, too. We're coming full force. Know what that derogatory ad picture is? It's on the Cock Smokers 3: Blow Your Load box. It's on the side of the box of her smoking a cigarette. The picture's already on a fucking box. She took the pictures. We have stills of me putting fake cum on her face for the box. We have model releases. It was all staged. She sells it on the road, that little piece of trailer trash. And how did I steal her image and flush it down the toilet? I own that image. I paid for it for a fucking year. When that bitch free-loaded off me in that house that she lived at. Van Damage and Tiffany Mynx lived together in a house which I paid for, for three months, then they lived the rest of the time together in a house that I fucking paid for with Tom Byron for seven months, rent free.

Luke Ford charges that Black took white out and forged a release from Mynx to take to the "insistent" cable company for the Mynx RIP movie.

Black: "No, completely false. That fucking movie they don't even fucking have. That movie isn't out for sale, it's not even done!! The movie's sitting in the edit bay."

Ford: "Extreme plans to release a Van Damage compilation tape called The Damage is Done." Again, the proper releases are missing I hear.

Black: "That's a complete falsehood. There's no such thing. But that's a great idea. I don't know where Luke's getting that one from."

Ford says that Extreme and Mike Daniels are taking their court case to private arbitration. According to Black, that's the only accurate statement in the entire Ford diatribe.

Ford also says that Tom Byron is doing scenes for Seymore Butts, indicating that Byron is in "financial trouble."

Black: "That's completely and utterly false. The last scene he did was five or six months ago. And the only reason that he would work for Seymore, and he don't work for anybody else, was because Seymore pays his rate of a thousand dollars and Tommy gets to fuck Alisha Klass. He enjoys fucking her in the ass."

Ford charges that Stryc 9 has not been paid for several scenes and that Mynx and Van Damage claim that Extreme owes them for scenes.

Black: "That's complete and utter bullshit hearsay. Tiffany owes me about 25 grand. She [Mynx] lost her passport to go to Brazil, which she did on purpose. The day before we were supposed to go to Brazil she mysteriously loses it. I had to fly Ashlyn Gere from a dance gig to cover for Jasmin in Florida, and I had to fly Jasmin from Florida to Brazil; and I had to pay the club for the advertising they did for Jasmin. Tiffany Mynx owes me that fucking money. I will take her to civil court on that, that little ungrateful cunt."

"What is Extreme doing with its money?" Ford asks, suggesting that funds are being diverted whichever and wherever. "I hear Asswoman made over $50,000."

Black: "Asswoman didn't make fifty grand. You know how much that movie cost to make? $38,000. I wrote every single fucking check from it. From duplication, to talent paid, to Tiffany Mynx being paid. I have cancelled checks by Tiffany Mynx Productions for thousands of dollars which say 'in lieu of payment for Asswoman.' When Tiffany Mynx cashed that check she was paid for that movie as a performer. Period. End of fucking story. She didn't direct that movie. Tiffany Mynx did not direct that movie. Tiffany Mynx did not write that movie. My MOTHER came up with the concept for the movie about being in Wonderland, and Lizzy Borden wrote the fucking script while Tiffany Mynx layed on her bed and smoked pot throughout the entire fucking day. I fucking directed the movie. I shot the movie. Ask Nina Hartley. I was on the fucking set shooting Nina Hartley on the fucking set. We produced it. If Tiffany Mynx claims anything else, I will take a fucking lie detector test. Tell her to come down and take a lie detector test with me. She didn't do one iota for that movie. She didn't do anything except get her ass fucked in that movie, and she bitched and moaned throughout the entire time. She's a piece of shit. She abandons her children. This is the only girl I know who abandons her children so she could smoke fucking dope all day and live in a house with Van Damage while her children are living with her ex-husband who got fired from Elegant Angel. Why didn't she take her kids and move in with her mom and raise those kids? She didn't. Worthless piece of shit. I used to talk to her all the time, why don't you go be with your kids. 'I want to do movies, and I want to try and make a career.' And she ain't a dancer. She don't know how to dance. Know what her show is? She goes on stage and puts a dildo in her pussy. She doesn't dance that much because she only goes to places where she can put things in her pussy. The last time that she danced at the club in San Francisco - The Regal - she made half her money by giving people blowjobs and jerking guys off. She made over fucking 15 grand there jerking people off. On the money aspect, let's see. We moved into a new building. We bought a Media 100. We're putting everything back into the company. We're coming out with our first DVD's next month. We bought the DVD authorer to make our own DVD's."

Ford alleges that Minx and Van Damage were never paid their 25-75 split.

Black: "Tiffany Mynx never had that kind of split, ever. We were going to work that out in the beginning with Van Damage, but as he became lazy and slow, I had to fund all the fucking movies. When I had to fund all the movies, I said you're not owning this stuff. The only fucking thing on our foresight was that he got to copyright the name Lewd Behavior. That's it. Every single movie he ever did was financed by Extreme Associates and Extreme Video, and I have over $100,000 worth of canceled checks for it to prove it. Van Damage still has a movie that's not even fucking released yet, that I paid for when he went to North Carolina. He took our editor Charles Pinion and went to North Carolina. I paid for everything out of North Carolina. I paid for hotel rooms, I paid for everything. He still has that movie in his safe which he stole. That movie was paid by Rob Black and Extreme Video. How is that a Van Damage movie? He don't own that. He owns shit. I could barely give his stuff away in foreign, and he missed four release dates that cost us almost $200,000. Why? Due to personal problems because Tiffany was on his fucking case because Van was sexually abusing different girls in the business. We can bring numerous girls that will claim that Van sexually abused them. He had a charge in San Diego when we were at Elegant Angel. He got in trouble because a girl [an undercover cop] came into his office in San Diego and said that he sexually assaulted her. A COP!!! Van Damage has a history of that. Van Damage used to fuck Iroc when Tiffany wasn't home and make her suck his dick. Amia Amore- ask her. Van tried to con her into sleeping with him. And this was recent. What's part of the prompting of Van getting fired, was because we had to have a meeting at the Extreme house, because Van was sexually assaulting the girls. And Van broke down and cried like a little bitch and told everybody he was sorry, that he had a sexual problem and needed help. Tiffany Mynx was crying into her hands because she didn't believe that Van did this. Van admitted that he sexually assaulted the girls at the company."

Ford charges that documents in the Mike Daniels lawsuit reveal that Tom Byron Productions is owed money as well as Minx and Van Damage's companies by Black.

Black: "Completely and utterly false. Tom Byron will attest to that." Black also charges as false, Ford's notions that Byron is part of Black's production company, Extreme Video. "Tommy is nowhere on any of those things. We have documents. You can go to business records and find that out. It's me. That's it," Black says.

Ford: "In January Black said that Mynx, Byron and Van Damage were only employees of Extreme Associates who got paid a director's fee. But the various production companies own the copyrights to all their own productions."

Black: "That was me being too nice. That was me preventing to them what happened over at Patrick's when they continued with the Cumback Pussy series. That just enabled them to, if they left, that we couldn't do Filthy Lil' Porn-a-Bees #6 with David Aaron Clark directing it. Like Patrick did to ruin Tommy's name by doing Cumback Pussy 13 with Brian "Cheeks" Williams and everybody saying that it's shit. That's how the name's copywritten."

Black also maintains that Stryc 9 was "paid for every goddam scene, check by check. That little cunt was paid for every fucking scene she did. I don't fuck people on money like that. You can call Jim South because Jim South knows the deal. If Stryc 9 wants to dispute it, have her come down with her records. She was never fucked for any scene."

Black also disputed Ford conjecture about his "drug habit" as being a possible cause of money disappearing and denies inordinate pressure to pay his father back on a loan.

Black: "No drug habit. Anybody who knows me knows it's the cleanest I've been my entire life. I don't lie about my drug habits. I talked on Ed Powers' radio show about my drugs. When I'm clean I'm clean. When I used to do drugs before, I told people I smoked joints and wrote sexual atrocities. I don't try to keep a squeaky clean image. No cigarettes. No booze. Chewing tobacco, that's it. As far as owing Dominic, it's a loan. There's no interest, and there's no amortization over a year. I pay it back when I pay it back. That's it. There's never been pressure whatsover. My dad comes out here and hangs out with us. He enjoys seeing us do good."

Swank is planning a big feature on the life and times of Trinity Loren for its December, 1999 issue.

"This is not the kind of story that we normally do," said Swank's Bob Rosen. "We started doing this natural breast magazine called 'Succulent' and right around the time that we started doing this new magazine, she [Loren] died. She was one of the top natural breast stars. We just thought it would be good." Rosen says the big mystery is that no one's been able to tell them, so far, what Loren did before she got into the business.

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