Riley Steele: Digital Playground's New Contract Girl

ENCINO, Calif. — Riley Steele is Digital Playground's brand-new contract girl. Originally from San Diego, the 20-year-old blond beauty says she has always wanted to be a porn star.

"I just always wanted to do this," Steele said. "I've never put too much thought into what else I would do. If Digital Playground hadn't signed me, I probably would be doing my own website or something like this. It's always been this. It's always just been what I wanted to do. I know it's weird, but whatever."

When she met DP contract girl Jesse Jane at a Hustler Hollywood signing for Pirates, Steele got a business card from her that she eventually used to contact Digital Playground founder Joone. He had her in for a meeting, and she signed with the company that very same day.  

"I've always known that I wanted to work with Digital Playground," Steele said. "I would have never signed with anybody else. I like their company the best — the way they represent their girls, the way they do everything. It's just the only company I'd ever want to be with."

Steele's very first scene was for the highly anticipated Pirate's II: Stagnetti's Revenge, due out in September. Playing what she described as "a little governor's slut," Steele shot a threeway with Ben English and Shawna Lenee and said she loved every minute of it.

"I kept waiting to get nervous," she said. "I never really got nervous. I just was really excited and really wanted to start doing it, and then did it, and it was just a lot of fun.

"There's just something about other people watching, knowing that you're being filmed," Steele added. "I can't describe it, but I really like it."

Asked how her friends and family have reacted to her new vocation, she said, "Everyone's been very supportive of me, everyone's really excited for me, 'cause they've known this is what I've been wanting to do for a long time. All my friends are like, 'Finally, you've gone out and done it! You've been talking about it forever.' So everyone just figured it's about time."

So where does she hope to go from here? Well, for one thing, she has her eyes very eagerly fixed on AVN's 2009 Best New Starlet trophy.

"I'm gonna work so hard," she said. "I want that award so bad! I want to be the biggest thing in porn ever. I'm gonna take it to a whole new level."

Don't ask her how exactly she plans to do that, though. "I can't tell you, it's a secret!" she laughed.

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