Richard Pacheco Sez: You Need A Little 'Hindsight'—Tonight!

LOS ANGELES—Veteran adult star Richard Pacheco is well-known for his roles in classic films like the multi-award-winning Talk Dirty To Me and Nothing to Hide, as well as Easy, Candy Stripers, Garage Girls, Vista Valley PTA, Irresistable and dozens more, as well as having directed the well-received Careful He May Be Watching. But now LA residents have the chance to hear Pacheco's personal history in porn as told in his new book, Hindsight, at a get-together at UCLA, beginning at 6 p.m.

"We're not exactly sure what were gonna do, but we're gonna do it there," Pacheco, who now goes by his real name Howie Gordon, told AVN. "Howie will read some. Bobby might perform. Maybe we'll have a cake. Maybe you'll get lucky. It'll be a zoo. Hope you'll come!"

"Bobby," of course, is Pacheco's mainstream performer son Bobby Gordon, who's spent much of the past two years giving performances of his one-man play, "Debbie Does My Dad," which AVN reviewed here.

So for an evening that promises to be full of surprises, come on down to Kaufman Hall, Room 208 on the UCLA campus just off of West Sunset Boulevard for what just might be a rousing good couple of hours.