Richard de Montfort Opens Up

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Director Richard de Montfort is no babe-in-the-woods when it comes to being on the porn scene. In his time, he's seen it all. Right now, he's laying down his belief that a lot of things in the industry have grown stale and how he tried to shake things up when he lensed Hustler Video's Strollin' in the Colon.

"Having been in the industry for 15 years, I think we need a fresh style," said Montfort. "To do that, I wanted to break out of the mold of bad acting and storylines that are nonsensical and with performers pretending to ignore the camera when they know it's there. I wanted to do something with a semi-documentary style, but without it being a how-to-look-at porn. This is pure anal sex at its most raw with no pretense of the performers having anal sex for any other reason than pure exploitation."

To capture the feeling of spontaneous exploitation, Montfort took the unusual step of keeping his off-camera directions on the soundtrack. He explained, "My voice is throughout the movie. My demands that they open up and arch their backs is all left in the movie. It's different and real."

Montfort was also very enthused with his cast. He was quick to point out, "The girls are all anal princesses who do this as well as anybody in the industry: Tyla Wynn, Harmony, Trinity Post, Mae Victoria ... the sex is about as nasty as anything Hustler has ever released. The lawyers were very nervous watching it. It doesn't cross any legal lines, it doesn't break any boundaries, but it's never been all in one video like this."

Trinity Post, one of the stars of Strollin' in the Colon, provided weight to Montfort's description: "I did a girl/boy/boy scene. It was me and two men. At the same time, Tyla Wynn and Michelle Aston and Lee Stone were in the same room with me, and they basically fucked the shit out of me! I can't really remember much. I even forgot about the d.p. I did. With two men, I like to have both holes filled ... you might as well do it! It was everything I hoped it would be."

The director considers Strollin' in the Colon to be a "breakthrough" movie for the company, but also said he was trying to find some point along the porn continuum that would best represent the company. Montfort said, "To stay competitive, you need a certain level of hardcore. You can't be too vanilla and you can't be too extreme, but Hustler needs to be somewhere in the middle."

The movie is in stores now.

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