'Revenge of the Petites' Ship Date Moved to May 9

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—After the hoopla of its April 24 world premiere, which put the X-rated comedy up on the big screen in the Westwood movie theater district, it's safe to say that word of mouth was flowing on AMKingdom's Revenge of the Petites. In fact, reports Exile Distribution head Howard Levine, the title's initial run was sold out in pre-orders to the East Coast on the first day, which has necessitated pushing back the ship date until May 9.

"Due to the incredible response for pre-orders we were caught shorthanded," Levine explained. "So everyone can get it on the same date, we have delayed shipment to anyone while we replicate more sets."

The crowd that attended the premiere saw the contents of just one-third of the three-disc set: a feature-length X-rated comedy that boasts a cast of 19 female performers, four males, and an all-original script and soundtrack. The story follows the adventures of two pint-size college students (Marie McCray and Skin Diamond) who get caught between two competing sororities.

In addition to the main feature, the second disc contains the full versions of the movie's 12 sex scenes, and the third disc offers behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and extended scenes.

Exulting over the brisk sales, Levine issued "a big shout out to all the distributors for recognizing that this is a super blockbuster and will be the film of the year. While the parody market is waning, the call for original scripted blockbusters is very strong."