'Revenge of the Petites' 1st Run Sells Out

TARZANA, Calif.AMKingdom reports that the initial run of its Revenge of the Petites has entirely sold out. The studio has already replicated a second run of the movie AVN's Peter Warren called an "absolute must-see.”

Available exclusively through Exile Distribution, the three-disc set contains nearly eight hours of content, including the feature, extended sex scenes, interviews, and a behind-the-scenes documentary.

Exile’s Howard Levine commented, “The world premiere of Revenge of the Petites last month created a huge buzz for this movie.  Word of mouth is spreading about how unique and amazing this title is. Once I tell people about the wealth of content on the DVD, they triple their order.”

Added AMKingdom owner Kim Nielsen, “Selling out our first run of the movie this soon after its release is a great validation of all our hard work. The goal was to create a fun, sexy movie people want to watch numerous times. It appears we succeeded.”

In addition to AVN's Editor's Choice review of the movie, CraveOnline.com film channel editor William Bibbiani wrote, “The direction by Harry Sparks would have impressed by being merely competent, from a conventional filmmaking perspective, but he pushes the envelope by incorporating narrative techniques that the adult industry hasn't experimented with in decades, if at all … Sparks is a legitimately strong director who isn't trying to make a mainstream film that happens to have sex with it, or an ‘adult’ film that happens to have a narrative. He incorporates both mindsets, thought by some to be inherently conflicting, in fairly equal measure and crafts in the process a genuine motion picture experience that's both pleasurable and arousing. We have a long way to go before the worlds of conventional filmmaking and pornographic content are intertwined, but Revenge of the Petites is at the very least a step in the right direction.”
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To view the SFW trailer, visit www.PetitesMovie.com. For the NSFW trailer, go to Fleshbot.com.

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