Rev. Bob Levy Stars in Vivid's <i>Stood Up</i>

LOS ANGELES - Stand-up comic and 'Howard Stern Show' personality Rev. Bob Levy stars as himself in Vivid Entertainment's Stood Up, a hardcore comedy due for release in July.

"It's a fake story about my life in stand-up comedy and how I never made it because all the ideas I came up with, people took 'em from me." Levy told AVN. "It's about me getting robbed; we goof on Jeff Foxworthy, Jerry Seinfeld, and Andrew "Dice" Clay. It's basically me telling this story, and then we do the scenes where I get my material taken from me. "

Directed by B. Skow from a script by Genesis editor Dan Davis, Stood Up co-stars Savanna Samson as Levy's agent and Tommy Gunn playing Levy as a young man. Skow cast Lee Stone and James Deen in the respective roles of Clay and Seinfeld. The supporting cast includes Lanny Barby, Kimberly Franklin, Evan Stone and Kimberly Kane.

"While there have been other "porn comedies" released, this is the first to my knowledge that actually stars a real comedian," said Davis, who developed the movie with Levy and Skow. "This movie can stand on its own as either a comedy, because it is funny as hell, and it can also stand alone as a porn movie because the cast and sex scenes are incredible in it."

Levy has gained a fanbase through his Howard Stern appearances, his "Miserable Men" show on Sirius, and exposure on other radio shows such as the Philly-based Kidd Chris. The idea of making a porn movie came out of his gig as host of last year's F.A.M.E. awards ceremony.

"For last year's inaugural show, we were looking for a comedian who wasn't just some guy up there telling prepared jokes," Davis recounted. "Since it's an interactive awards show with the fans, we thought it would be good to have someone who interacts well with their audience and can pretty much improvise on the spot. I knew Bob from New Jersey, and obviously had seen his act in clubs in New York and Jersey, as well as hearing him on Howard Stern and thought he would be perfect. He did a great job."

After the F.A.M.E. Awards, Davis and Levy began talking to producers about making a movie and caught the interest of Vivid. Director Skow (who has done several recent comedies for the company including Burnt Fury and The American Dream) came up with the concept for Stood Up.

"Once we agreed to do this movie with Vivid, I had several conference calls with Bob and B. Skow developing the story concept," Davis continued. "When B. Skow came up with the general concept that became Stood Up's storyline, the script pretty much came natural for Bob and I. We were able to take things from both the real world of an up-and-coming comedian's career and merge it into an adult feature. The toughest part honestly was trying to figure out how to get the sex scenes interspersed into what became a very funny story."

Skow shot the movie in two 20-hour days. "It was a lot of fun," he said. "Bob Levy was great – he memorized his script, he was really comfortable, real relaxed. He's never done anything like that before, not even a regular movie. We go back in time in a scene from the 80s, so I had Bob wearing a pink T-shirt, white blazer and a mullet like Don Johnson on 'Miami Vice' - we played a lot on the different time periods."

"We really had a fun time on the set," Levy said. "Even the porn stars were like, this is not like a regular porno movie. There are some funny scenes in it, and then you get the porn, which is really good, too. I hung out during the first sex scene with Tommy Gunn and Savanna—I got tired watching it! I didn't think anybody could go for an hour; if that was me, it would have been five minutes."

A trailer for Stood Up is online at Levy's official website is