Retailers and Consumers Get Lucky Media!

After 30 years of being known as one of the biggest producers of “Mag Packs,” those wonderful three-pack sell-through items that drive sales of remaindered men’s magazines in everywhere from adult book to liquor stores, Lucky Distributors has announced the formation of Lucky Media.

“Not only are we getting into the DVD business,” we’re generating a potential first-of-a-kind release, the 10-hour compilation DVD,” National Sales Director Russ Pascale said, adding, “We’re also putting together a series of Porn Star Trading Cards that will feature a single card in each DVD. For every 25 units we offline, we’ll change the card and there’s 10 cards in a series. The first series features Belladonna, Angelica Sinn, Ashley Long, Briana Banks, Bridgette Kerkove, Catalina, Flick Shagwell, Jewel De’Nyle, Miko Lee and Sylvia Saint,” Pascale stated.

Lucky Media releases some of their first 10-hour compilation DVDs next week and with titles like Teen Cream, Thighs Wide Open, Pussyland, Sticky Buns and Supersized. The company expects big numbers and even bigger reorders. “We believe we’re the first company to do this and do it well,” Pascale said, going on to say, “We’re also doing five hour and four hour comps on DVD and we’re proud of our authoring, editing and coding of graphics for all our products. In addition, we’ll continue doing sell-through for other companies as well as planning on some new releases with double disks featured on each one. This is the future, and we’re here for the long haul,” Pascale said, shaking off any concerns about competition, adding, “There’s always somebody out there doing the same thing, so, from our point of view, we’ll do it better and always give added value to the customer. That’s why we call it Lucky Media!”

Interested retailers and distributors can contact Russ Pascale at 1.800.338.8439.