Report: Stormy Daniels Online Imposter Bilks Fans

CYBERSPACE—Stormy Daniels has had an eventful past four weeks to say the least. It was one month ago today, January 12, that the Wall Street Journal broke news about an alleged affair that the 2014 AVN Hall of Fame inductee had back in 2006 with Donald Trump—and more importantly, that just one month before the 2016 presidential election, Trump’s lawyer paid her $130,000 in “hush money” to keep it quiet.

Since then, Daniels has been in the eye of a hurricane of publicity, from her “Make America Horny Again” live appearance tour to her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in which she appeared to let slip that a written statement in which she denied the affair and payoff was a fake.

So it seemed inevitable that at some point, a fake Stormy Daniels would appear, as a con artist attempted to capitalize on Daniels overnight national notoriety. And according to a leading celebrity news site, that is exactly what happened sometime over the past week.

The Blast, a site launched last year by TMZ co-founder Mike Walters, reported on Monday that at least three Stormy fans contacted the star last week through her verified social media accounts, reporting not just that someone was impersonating her online, but that the imposter was attempting to bilk cash from the fans by offering her services as an escort.

“The men say they direct messaged the fake Stormy and the imposter responded to them as if she was the porn star. They claim the imposter would carry on a conversation with the men and offer to escort for them in exchange for money, sent via cash apps, or Amazon gift cards,” The Blast reported.

Apparently, some of the fans fell for the grifter’s scheme and actually sent money to the phony Stormy via online cash transfer apps.

In one online chat, the person claiming to be Daniels requested that the fan send an Amazon gift card for her son—a clear tipoff to the fake. The actual Stormy Daniels is mother to a seven-year-old daughter, but has no sons.

The Blast reported that Daniels was so disturbed that “some asshole” was using her identity to run a swindle on her fans, that she placed a personal call to one fan to thank him for making her aware of the fraud. Daniels then reported the imposter social media accounts to Twitter and Instagram. No word yet on if or when the phony accounts were removed.

Pictured above, the REAL Stormy Daniels on the red carpet at the 2018 AVN Awards Show; photo by Jeff Koga/@KogaFoto