Report: Kacey Jordan Attempts Suicide

CHICAGO—Charlie Sheen’s porn star pal Kacey Jordan tried to commit suicide yesterday in her hotel room by overdosing on pills and alcohol, according to published reports.

Police found Jordan in her bed at the Peninsula Hotel last night in a room littered with pills, alcohol bottles and broken glass after she Tweeted several suicidal messages. While she claimed her threat of suicide was just a publicity stunt, Jordan tried to run out of the room and cut herself with a corkscrew when police arrived. She reportedly had cuts and scrapes all over her wrists and arms.

According to, Jordan is being held at Northwestern Memorial Hospital undergoing a mental evaluation.

According to Jordan’s rep Kevin Blatt, she had been threatening to kill herself since Saturday night. He got her message on Sunday and called the hotel to request a wellness check.

“She was pretty pissed at me for sending the hotel staff up there,” Blatt told AVN. “I thought she needed to be checked on, then this happens Monday. She had an adverse allergic reaction to medication, I believe. She’s not well and I hope she can address these issues.”  

A selection of Jordan’s Tweets yesterday said: “i've over done it ... the more i do ... i keep passing out ... i just pray i wake up each time,” and “shouldn't i be all awake ... i keep fainting. i guess i'll have to do more and see what that does.”

“i took a bunch of pills ... drank a hotel size bottle of jack ... stumbled to the bathroom to weigh myself ......... 86 lbs,” in addition to snorting a line of cocaine, which she mentioned on Twitter.

“i think this is funny ... i always pull dumb crap like this ... i will be better in no time xoxo”

“those 16 hours i was with charlie sheen ... messed me up ... i can't get that image out of my head ... i think i keep trying to feel his pain.”

This is not Jordan’s first suicide attempt—she tried to end her life in January in Las Vegas, according to industry sources and her tweets.

Director Will Ryder, who’s worked with Jordan on numerous projects, hopes the petite star gets the help she so desperately needs.

“I texted her today, but didn’t hear back,” Ryder told AVN. “She really believes that she won’t make it to see 30. She needs treatment. It’s amazing to me that a beautiful and popular girl truly can feel all alone.”

As for her latest suicide attempt, Ryder wasn’t sure what the true story is.

“I’m not a psychologist but I think she enjoys the attention,” he said. “She’s extended her 15 minutes and she enjoys it when people jump [to her aid.]”

Jordan appears in X-Play’s Not Charlie Sheem’s House of Whores XXX.

“I love Kacey because she has been down for our company since I first met her,” Ryder continued. “She always stayed until dawn to finish her scenes without complaint, and for that I will always have love for her.”