Rent a Drunk For Internext … Seriously launched this month for adult program owners who want to take their marketing to another level.

Essentially, you can rent three drunkards for 24 hours, who will wear your company’s shirt and hand out promo materials. They’ll also probably be wasted while doing so.

“Think how many times you’ve seen a guy passed out at a party and how many pictures are taken of that guy. Now think of your merchandise on that guy forever doing stupid drunken things that people will take pictures of and keep posting over and over online,” says RentADrunk co-founder Frank Maher, aka Frank the Tank. “Simply put: This is social advertising, and it’s unique, and we hope the industry likes the idea as much as we do.”

The three RentADrunk agents are all webmasters themselves. In addition to the Tank, who runs, the other agents are CrazyShit Jay, who runs, and Drunk Eric, who runs

Sponsorship packages, which debut at Internext in January, include advertising on and a major sponsorship of the College Kegger Party, in addition to the agent’s services.

Of the proceeds, 30 percent will be donated to either the Free Speech Coalition or The Well Project, an HIV research and support group.